Pity Prize

by Christy
(Fleming Island, FL)

We play bunco pretty traditionally, except we only roll for 2's - 6's. If anyone rolls three 1's, that's called a Wipeout and your team loses all their points they've earned from that round so far.

Also, we give prizes for Most Wins, Most Losses, Most Buncos, Last Bunco, and the "pity prize".

Players can only win one prize. If someone qualifies for more than one, it goes to the next in line. After all prizes are given out, we pull 4 cards from all the cards of the non-winners. These players sit at the high table. The hostess rolls one die and whatever number is rolled, that's what the players are rolling for. Then these players play one round. For example, if the number to roll is a 3, the first player rolls as many 3's as she can. When she rolls and there are no 3's, the dice goes to the next player who does the same thing. Whomever rolls the most wins the final prize. It's a lot of fun.

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