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What is Pi Day?

It is March 14th!

It celebrates the never-ending number Pi (3.14159…), as well as Einstein’s birthday.


Celebrating Pi is actually an international holiday.

How can you have fun with Pi?

Here are some fun kid party ideas that can be used in the classroom, for a math party, or anytime you want to make learning fun:

  • Create Pi Puns
  • Have a slice of pie (after figuring out the area of the pie, as well as the circumference of course!) or have a pie eating contest
  • Use the first 20 digits in Pi and write a story using the numbers - for the number 3, use a three letter word. For the number 1, use a 1 letter word
  • Make Pi Bracelets - with each bead color representing a number
  • Have a scavenger hunt for circular objects
  • Play shuffleboard with circles
  • Have Pi recitation contests
  • Have circle drawing contests
  • Eat snacks that are circles
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