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Planning an Over the Hill Party? I always think it can be helpful to read about other people's experiences when planning a party. Sometimes you'll pick up a hint here, an idea there, or be inspired to come up with an entirely new twist on an old idea. So, I'll share this party story with you!


Robert's 30th Birthday Over the Hill Party

Before my husband and I were married (we were engaged) - his 30th birthday was approaching. I wanted to do something really special, so thinking thru my list of adult party ideas, I decided to go for fun surprise party. The theme was "Over the 30th Birthday Hill" - and he didn't suspect a thing!

I mailed invitations to several of his friends and family members. Thanks to the help of my mother, she was there at my house to let guests in (and helped get the food and decorations together while I distracted the birthday boy.

What did I do to keep him out of the house? As I recall, we went to the mall. I made him go with me on some shopping errand or another, and then I got hungry and to kill time ate VERY slowly at the restaurant.

When we got back to my house, we pulled into the back garage, and I drove a way so he couldn't see the street in front of my house. I didn't want him to accidentally see his friend's cars parked out front!

He suspected nothing.

So...he was very surprised when we walked in the house and everyone jumped out at him! It was so fun to see his reaction!

We had drinks, appetizers, and presents!

Instead of bringing a real present, I asked everyone to bring a gag gift. He received a selection of ointments, medications, hair coloring, etc. It was all very funny because we couldn't imagine the time when we'd need those things for real!

There was even an funny t-shirt for him to wear  - as a matter of fact, I don't think he ever wore it though past that night...I wonder why? I actually think it got passed on to another friend at their 30th birthday!

His cake looked like a coffin. I ordered the cake rather than trying to make it myself because I was worried that he might catch me working on it.

For decorations, we had black balloons and black streamers.

This 30th birthday party was memorable, and something he has never forgotten!

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