One Chance

by Joanna H.
(Winder, GA)

To play the One Chance Game you will need 2 teams (min. of players per team: 2)


2 large buckets (will be filled with water)
2 medium (empty) buckets
2 cups
2 floating balls

How to Play

Two teams must compete against each other to knock a floating ball out of a bucket using only a cup of water. Line up both teams on opposite sides. Both teams start out with one large bucket of water on one end and a single cup. At the other end of each of the teams is an empty medium bucket with a floating ball inside. The purpose of the game is to use their cups to transport the water from their bucket to the other bucket with the floating ball inside, and fill the bucket enough to knock the floating ball out of it with only a cup of water. The first team to knock their floating ball out of their bucket wins!


- You cannot add more water to the bucket of water already given.
- You must fill the medium bucket at least 2/3 of the way full before attempting to knock out the floating ball.
- If you run out of water in your bucket before knocking out your floating ball, you lose.

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