Movie Campout Sleepover

by Lexi M.

Basically, this sleepover party is a combination of a movie theme and campout theme. Good for all age groups, especially fun for teens. You can pick a movie theme, or just do general movie theater type theme.

Food: Set up a movie food bar complete with diy movie theater trays. Set out a huge bowl of popcorn, with something to spoon the popcorn into a small box. A good box to use is large chicken nugget boxes (like from mcdonalds) for the popcorn. Then set out a variety of candy boxes, like mike and ikes, sour patch kids, licorice or twizzlers, m & m's, junior mints, etc. Have plastic cups for soda or juice to be poured into. Then fit all the snacks into diy movie theater trays, or a paper bag.
More Food: For the campout part food make smores, hot cocoa, and mini hotdogs. Have chips and other stuff of course!

Decorations: A tent, to be put in your movie room, or backyard. Movie posters on the walls. Hang silver or gold stars from the ceiling. White Christmas lights strung up. Led candles on around the room. Streamers hung, or balloons floating.

Games/Activities: Watch your favorite movies. Kiss famous actors on a poster. Karaoke songs from the movies you picked. Sleeping bag jump race.

Have your guests come dressed up as their favorite character from the movie/s that you will watch.

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