Fish a Catch

by Joanna H.
(Winder, GA)

For the game of Fish A Catch you will need the following players:
1 scorekeeper
2 teams (min. amount of players per team: 2)

Equipment Needed:
Set of 2 different colored jerseys (4 total)
2 Bandannas (each a different color)

How to Play
Two teams (each led by a chosen leader) will compete against each other to get the most points catching “fish”. In the game, there are “fishermen/women” and “fish”. Shuffle the teams and divide them equally onto two different sides. These two different sides will consist of the “fishermen/women” and the “fish”. Make sure that both sides are lined up vertically. The object of the game is to win against the other team by earning the most points for your team by catching “fish”.
Each “fish” has a different colored bandanna tied around their wrist representing a certain amount of points.
Ex: Red bandanna (2 points)
Black bandanna (1 point)
In order to catch the “fish”, the “fishermen/women” must run up to the “fish” of their choice, and run around them a total of 3 times. Once the “fish” has been caught, they must take off their bandanna, and tie it around the wrist of the “fisherman/woman” who caught them, thus switching places with them. The game continues until the time limit of 10 minutes has run out. At the end of the game, all of the points earned by both teams are tallied, and whichever team with the most points wins the game!

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