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Evidently the Come as You Were Party is an old idea. I’ve never done it, but it sounded like a really cute ideas so I thought I’d pass it along!

The idea behind the "Come as you were" Party

Vintage Party Idea

Something I like to collect is really old party planning books. One of my treasures is one from the early 1900’s. The party games and themes in there are a hoot!! Lots of games in that book deal with pairing up people as dinner companions, that sort of thing.

One party idea I ran across one day in an old book was the "come as you were" party idea. It is a really easy party idea to implement, and something I bet your friends have never heard of before.

For this party, the hostess doesn’t need to send out invitations. As a matter of fact, you can't! Instead, invitations are done by telephone. (I guess today we could do it by text...)

Having contact while issuing the party invitation is very important, because the coming "as you were" part of it is to have them come the way they were the minute they were invited to the party. If they were in their pajamas, they wear their pajamas to the party. If they were working in the yard, they wear their yard work clothes to the party. If they were in a business suit when they received the invitation phone call or text, they should wear the business suit. …that is how they should show up to the party (hopefully you don’t catch someone in their birthday suit!)

When you call to invite them, the first thing you should do is ask what they are wearing. If they are a good enough friend to humor this strange request and tell you, then they are a good enough friend to come to the party! Better year, have them take a selfie and send to you. That way you know for sure what they are wearing.

I imagine that there can be some interesting stories having to do with what some people may show up in! I can envision people wearing everything from a towel or bathrobe to an evening gown!

If you try out the Come as You Were Party idea, contact me and tell me how it went!! I would love to hear about your party.

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