Climb the Mountain

by Joanna H.
(Winder, GA)

You'll need 2 odd numbered teams (min. number of players: 3 per team)


1 large rope (must be long enough for all players to hold)
2 different colored balls
2 buckets

How to Play
Two teams consisting of an odd amount of players must compete against each other to see who will be the first team to “climb the mountain”. Arrange the teams in alternating order to hold up a large rope. At the end of each rope is a bucket. Start the second-to-last player of each team at the end of the rope with a different colored ball. The ball represents the team’s “flag”. The object of the game, is to get the ball into the team bucket by passing the ball to the next team member. The person passing the ball, must let go of the rope in order to pass the ball. Once the ball has reached the last player at the end, that player must get the ball into their team’s bucket. The first team to get the ball into their bucket is the first team to climb the mountain, therefore winning the game!


- All team members must remain holding the rope with both hands, unless it is their turn to pass the ball or place the ball into their team bucket for the win.
- Players can use any method necessary to get the ball to their team member (like throwing or rolling the ball) as long as it is safe!

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