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How about having a Christmas in July party? An opportunity to roll out some great holiday party ideas, at a time when there aren't too many holidays being celebrated.

First, bring out all the holiday decorations. That's right. The lights, the tree, as much as you can.

And pull out those Christmas CD's - you'll want to play lots of Christmas music.

At the party, you could set up a gift exchange game, such as a White Elephant Gift Exchange.

You could also sing Christmas Carols (Karaoke?), do charades with Christmas movie or song titles, and maybe even conjure up a visit from good ol' Santa himself!

Plan this just like any other Christmas party, except it will be in July!

As a matter of fact, one of our visitors sent in a fun idea for doing a snowball fight (without the snowballs!) that would be perfect for summer. It is called summer snowballs.

Favorite Holiday Games for a Christmas in July Party

Here are some fun games that involved Christmas or gifts, but can be played easily at any time of year!

  • Divide players into teams of two. Give each team the following items: wrapping paper, a box to wrap, scissors and tape. Have each pair of players sit with one arm around each other. From this position, and only using their free hands, they’ll work together to wrap a gift! The first team to complete wrapping the gift (or to have gotten the farthest in 2 minutes) wins!
  • Before the party, wrap a gift, then place the gift inside a bigger box and wrap it again, continue doing this for several layers of paper and boxes. At the party, have all players gather in a circle. While music plays, the gift is passed from player to player. When the music stops, the player who is holding the gift gets to unwrap one layer. Then, the music begins again and the gift is passed around until the music stops. The game ends when the last layer has been opened and the gift is revealed! For small children, you might want to include a small item for each child in the final box – such as chocolate candies, candy canes, etc. Also fun for kids, if not too many guests, to have enough layers for everyone to get a turn unwrapping a layer!
  • Just like in the previous game, you’ll need a gift that has been wrapped in multiple boxes and multiple layers of gift wrap. Sit in a circle around a gift, with the first player holding the gift. On “Go” the first player has 10 seconds to try to open the gift as much as he can. When 10 seconds is up, the gift passes to the next person for a turn. After another 10 seconds the gift is passed to the next person. The winner is the lucky person who ultimately gets to the gift inside. It is fun to watch each person frantically unwrap as much as possible in their 10 seconds of time!
  • You can purchase online Printable Christmas Party Games for Christmas fun - there are Christmas games for all ages and skill levels.

Do you have a great easy party idea or game?

Share your great ideas!

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