Summer Snowballs

by Lisa M.
(Bedford, KY)

A couple of years ago, I was looking on-line for games for my youngest daughters birthday, she was turning 13. I found a game called Summer Snowballs. She loved it so much she wants it at every party we have!I haven't seen this game on-line since!

Several pairs of pantyhose

Take a pair of pantyhose, hold open to the toe, put about a half cup of flour in, then tie a knot on top of the flour and cut. Tie a knot in the loose end and continue doing this all the way up the leg of the pantyhose. I think each leg makes about 6 "snow balls." Make enough that each player can have at least two. Once each player has their snow balls, they have a snowball fight. Each snow ball can be picked up and reused several times. This is so much fun without getting cold and wet! Don't let them in the house without brushing off really good or you'll be cleaning up flour for days!

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by: ...

this is succhhhh a cool good game

by: Happy

I tried this and it kept my teenagers busy for hours thanks so much!

Fun Idea
by: Lisa

This sounds like a great idea!! And something that you'd for sure want to include for a "Christmas in July" party, when you can't use real snow. Thanks for sharing!

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