Bunco Score Card Ties

Handling bunco score card ties is easy. And for sure it's going to happen, sooner or later!

Either the teams at a table will tie, or at the end of the night bunco players will tie for most wins, most losses, etc.

If you have a tie, just let each player involved be part of a "roll off" to determine the ultimate winner.

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over winning
by: Dicey dame

We have come across this issue a few times. An individual wins for most Bunkos, most wins, 1st Bunko and last Bunko. It seems to be one sided and people walk away with a feeling of being let down. How do you handle this sorta of winnings? Do we say pick the one winning or have the hostess pick which winning that individual should get? Who is then awarded 1s and last bunko and also the most Bunkos?

Lisa says: Great question! In our group, someone can win more than one prize, and often does. We just say that they were really lucky and we'll get them back next time. But, one way to avoid it is to have a rule (before the game) that a person may only win one prize. I think it would be fair for them to earn the best prize, with the remaining prize(s) going to the runners up. For example, if a person won most buncos and most wins, they could ge the prize for most wins, and the runner-up for most buncos could get that prize. Anyway you divide it is fine, as long as everyone knows up front and agrees to the rules before the game begins.

by: Toni

I have a question which has our group in an uproar. We have a large group playing (32).
We recently had 6 people each with 3 bunco's at the end of the game. One of these 3 bunco people
had the most wins also and one had the most 3 of a kind. What happened was each 3 bunco people
had to share the money with the 6 people and
were not eligible for most wins and the other for
most 3 of a kind. They were upset because they only received (ex.$4.00) when they could have received $30.00 for most wins and the other person would have won for most babies. The money went to the next in line.

How do you handle this? Please help! The losers
of most wins and 3 of a kind refuse to come back to Bunco. They said it was not fair.

Lisa says:

Oh no! This is such a fun game, but isn't fun when people feel they have been cheated. Before play begins, decide how any ties will be handled, and with a group this large ties are sure to happen. I think, if it were my group, I would suggest one person win in each category. Award the biggest money prize first. Once that person has won that award, they are not eligible for any other prizes. Continue with the next biggest award, etc. If there is a tie for an award, have a roll-off. Each person rolls one die and the person with the highest number wins the prize. They are ineligible for any other prizes, but that is OK, because they won the biggest one they could. Those who lost the roll off are still eligible for any other prizes they may have won. Hope this makes sense...Whatever you do, have everyone in agreement before you play. Good luck.

by: Anonymous


Lisa Says:
Each table consists of two teams of players. Two players will be a team, and the other team will be one player with a "ghost." One team will be the winner, and one team will lose.

Settling ties
by: Anonymous

We count games and buncos. Three people tied for most wins. Two of these three people also tied for most buncos. A fourth person tied with these two people for most Buncos. We could not figure out how to settle. So one person of the two with high games and high buncos had to volunteer to roll off for high buncos. The other high games and high Bunco person rolled off for first place with the person who had high game only. They took first and second. The person with high games and high buncos who had to volunteer to roll off for high Bunco rolled with the remaining person who only had high Bunco. The person with high Bunco won. So the volunteer with high games and high buncos left with nothing. Should the two people with high games and high buncos have rolled for first. But then what about the person who had high games but not high buncos. Don’t they deserve to have rolloff for high games. How do you decide this twisted situation?

Lisa Says:
If you are going to have a rolloff, it is probably best to let everyone rolloff who is eligible. They have all tied, and that way they all have an equal shot at that prize.

If you are doing cash prizes, you could also forgo the rolloff and split the prize between those who tied for it.

Decide what you'd like to do, and then next time you play, agree to it what will happen in this circumstance - it is likely to come up again in some form! I think that is how a lot of rules for each group come into being, after they have had to solve the question of what to do!

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