Blind mans bluff

by Rachel
(Chicago, IL)

To play this game, you need 1. an open area free of hazardous things to trip on 2. a blindfold big enough to cover the eyes of a player and tie from the back. 3.someone to supervise the game, of course
You need at least 6 people to play. First you need to explain the rules. One player is blindfolded and tries to tag someone else. To do this, they should hold their arms out in front of them and say blind man and everyone else responds bluff. When someone is tagged, they have to guess who they think they found. If they are correct,the kid who was caught is now blindfolded. If not, then they try and find someone else. However, if they are wrong twice in a row, they can choose anyone else to be blindfolded next. There are no winners or losers in this game. It ends when everyone has had a turn to be blindfolded.

P. S. Here are a few other tips. The first blindfolded player should be someone who knows what to do, such as a grown up,or an older sibling. You should let the players handle the blindfold before you start to show that they will be safe with it on. Be sure to supervise carefully so no one goes out of the area.

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Feb 27, 2019
Blindfolding tips
by: Anonymous

When you blindfold someone, make sure it isn't too tight. Also, if anyone has them, they should have their glasses removed when it's their turn to be blindfolded.

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