Bat Tag

by Olivia

This game is for 6 or more players and should be played in an open area. To play, choose one player to be the bat. (You'll play more than once so everyone will get a turn.) The bat should leave the room while you pick a moth. (The bat shouldn't know who the moth is.) The rest of the players are trees. They form a circle and stand still. Now,blindfold the bat and bring him or her into the circle. Make sure he or she can't see anything. Now,the moth can come in the circle. The objective is for the bat to use sound to catch the moth. The bat says echo and the moth says prey. If the bat is about to bump into a tree,that tree shouts tree. The round ends when the bat tags the moth. (Or when your'll all laughing too hard to keep playing.) Then,the moth becomes the bat and a new moth is picked. Play until everyone has been both bat and moth.

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