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Our friend turned 40 and her husband not only planned a big 40th birthday party - it was also a surprise birthday party!

He sent out 40th birthday invitations via email (from a new address he created just for the party, so there was no way she'd see the responses), and had everyone meet at a mutual friend's house.

Surprise Party Ideas

This was a great 40th birthday party!

My friend was expecting to have dinner that night, for her birthday, with just a few friends at this house.

What she didn't know was that she would be having dinner with many friends!

The secret is safe...We parked on the street behind this house so she wouldn't see the cars other than the ones she was expecting.

Well, let me tell you, she was totally surprised when she walked in and we all jumped out and yelled "surprise!". The look on her face was priceless!

To top it off, another treat that evening was that her husband made dinner for everyone - sushi (he's a great cook!).

She opened her 40th birthday presents and we all just had a good time visiting with each other. There were 7-10 couples at this 40th birthday celebration.

The previous year her husband had also surprised her with a birthday party for her 39th birthday party, but that time at their own house.

My friend was out, running around, and while she was gone everyone showed up and hid. As you can imagine, she was pretty surprised to come thru the door and find a house full of people!

A special twist...It is easy to put a bit of a 40th birthday theme to a party like this by just using some simple 40th birthday napkins, plates, etc. You can find supplies at your local party store, or if you wish to shop online, visit our page of online party supply deals.

40th Birthday Games

This party didn't have any games, but games are fun. And birthday games aren't just for kids anymore! Visit for great birthday games for Adults! My site visitors report that these print and play games are some of the most popular adult party games around.

Not Interested in a Surpise 40th Birthday Party?

No worries! There are lots of ideas.

We've compiled a list of the current Top 40th birthday Celebration Ideas.

Are you 40 yet?

If so, then it is your turn!

Tell us about YOUR 40th birthday or other adult birthday parties!

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