World Cup Soccer Party

A friend of ours had a World Cup Soccer Party for their son's birthday party. What a fun idea for the soccer fan! The party was held during World Cup soccer season.

This kids party was held at a park. As everyone arrived, they drew straws for a color - either red or green. Those who drew red were on the France team, and were given a red t-shirt to wear. Those on the green team (Italy) were given a green t-shirt to wear.

The boy having the birthday party picked the team countries before the party. The t-shirts were tie-dyed (he had helped to those too) with iron on transfers that included a flag of the country on the back and the words "Brought to you by Josh's 9th Birthday" or something to that effect on the back.

The kids had a lot of fun playing soccer, then eating cake. They are love playing soccer, and using the World Cup soccer party theme was a big hit at this kids birthday party.

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