Who am I?

by Caroline L.
(Rancho Santa Fe, CA, USA)

Who am I? is a fun game for small or large groups of people.

What you need:

Names of movie characters, famous objects, celebraties, ect. printed on slips of paper. If it is a holiday party, you can use things from the holiday (ex. Santa Clause, reindeer, jack-o-lantern). Have enough for everyone who is playing.


How to play:

Have an adult or the host have all the guests turn around, with their backs to the host. The host tapes a slip of paper to the back of each player. Then the players walk around, showing other players their paper, asking yes or no questions about who they are. When a player guesses who or what they are correctly, they go up to the host (without taking the slip off their back) and tell them who or what they think they are. If the player guesses correctly, they get to take their slip off their back. The first three people who guess correctly get a prize. Keep playing until everyone guesses who they are. For a variation for small groups, sit in a circle with the slip taped to the player's forehead. You go around the circle asking questions and the whole circle answers.

This is a very fun game that is fun for all ages.

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