Valentine's Day Gifts to Make

by Rose Marie

Here is a great homemade gift for that couple who just married or someone on a tight budget that really only requires post-it notes and a pen.

It really is simple to do. Find the words to your wedding invitation, yes those words, write one word from the invite on each post-it note. Once you have written all the words onto the post-it notes, start with the first one (first word in the invitations) and place it on the front door, then continue with each word leading your wife or husband through the house to the final spot. If you made dinner for her then have it lead her to the kitchen. If you lead her to the bedroom, find a field of flowers somewhere, pick the flowers and pull the petals off and have them all over the bed.

Someone did this for me once upon a time and since then I have been given diamonds, trips and much much more, but still to this day there has not been a gift that meant more to me.

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