Valentine's Day Gift Basket

First I would start off with a heart shaped basket. I would either make sure the basket was the color I wanted or I would paint it myself. The colors red, gold or silver would be perfect for this basket.

I would fill the bottom of the basket with REAL rose pedals. About 2-3 inches high for a nice size basket. Fill the basket with Valentine Day things such as chocolates and pretty candles (floating candles are very romantic). Stick a few long stem roses into the basket and some rose scented bubbles for the bath. Some scented massage oils would also be a great gift. Also if you have a piece of jewelry you could place that right in the center or hide it in the rose pedals.

Another good idea is to add 2 Wine or Champagne glasses and Wine or Champagne to the basket. There is nothing like a candle light bubble bath that includes Wine or Champagne with a massage!

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