Trash can game

So, basically you need a lot of people to play this or else it is no fun! To start this game off, you need to get your group in a cirlce and have a trash can in the center of the circle. It can really be any object in the middle though. Hold the people's wrists (on both side of you) and have the host say "GO!". Once they say start, be the fisrt person to lead the group to the trash can, but you DON'T want to touch the trash can or you're out. Try to manuver the person to your right or left to the trash can. If you team up with the people around you, it is a lot easier to get people out. The last two people have to hold each others hands and try to pull the other person out of their place. Try to stand as firm as a brick!

Tip: Run toward the middle because then people move with you!

Lisa says - I haven't heard of this game before but it sounds fun! We'll have to try it out here at our next party!

Thanks so much for sharing!

Have fun with this game!

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