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Needed - platter, candy (lots, and a least 4 different types)

To play:

Fill the platter up with different types of candy, don't use it all, but put enough candy on it. Everyone sits in a circle, then pick the person who will be 'it'(most likely the birthday child). The person who is 'it' leaves the room, while everyone else chooses a type of candy that will be called 'Tommy'. Once everyone agrees, one person gets 'it' and brings him/her back. 'It' has three tries to guess which candy is 'Tommy'. If they guess it, everyone says "Tommy" and 'it' gets to keep that piece of candy, or if you want, keep all the candy that is the same brand. Example, if I win a Hershey's Kiss, I get all the Hershey's Kisses on the platter. That is what we usually do. Go clockwise around the circle.

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