The Layered Surprise Party Game

by tigreton

This game can be played for children of all ages.

For our game, we wrapped a surprise in layers and layers of paper. You can put into each layer a prize or a ticket with a number. The players should sit down in a circle while music plays.

The music starts (any music can be played, but it is better if it is popular music that everyone will enjoy), and when the CD player stops the person who has the surprise unwraps the first layer. If you prepare the layers with a ticket or piece of candy in each layer, he can get a prize.

After that, the CD player starts again. Repeat until the end, when all layers are removed, and the person who removed the last layer "wins" the game, and get the surprise.

If you put a ticket in each layer, then after the game everyone can visit a "market" and trade their tickets for a prize, depending on the number that is on their ticket.

Or, you could do a bingo, put a copy of tickets in a box, and take one, two, or the number you want, and give surprises.

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