Teen Musical Chairs

by Alyssa S.

teen musical chairs

teen musical chairs

This game is a lot like Musical Chairs, except way more intense! Teens like myself love this.

Preparation: Set up two lines of chairs back to back. Make sure there is one less chair than people and that there is nothing breakable nearby. Also have some form of music ready.

To Play: Have everyone form a circle around the chairs. When the music starts, have everyone walking (or dancing!) around the chairs. When the music stops, everyone has to jump onto a chair. But here's the catch, it doesn't matter how many people are on one chair, so long as they don't fall off! Sitting on the chair isn't encouraged, as they might get jumped onto by other players. After each round, remove a chair. By the time there is one chair left, do a round or two before ending the game. There usually will be more than one winner!

The room we played this in had a lower ceiling, so when standing on the chair, everyone one could reach it and tended to push their hands up on the ceiling to keep their balance. The people upstairs came down to see WHAT was going on!

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Sounds really fun! :D
by: cowgrle

This game sounds like a lot of fun! I am definetly going to try this at my birthday party! All my friends are crazy so im sure they would love this. :)

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