Smores Cakepie Delight

by Whitnee D.
(Sweetwater, Tx, U.S.)

1 box of Devils food cake or chocolate cake (follow baking instructions on box)
1 box graham cracker crust mix (mix with butter as box instruct so)
1 box chocolate jello pudding (prepare first with milk)
1 to 2 cups marshmallows or marshmallow creme
1 to 2 18oz cool whip

1. make cake as directed
2. in a different pan, press the crust mixture as layer one
3. take half of cake and crumple over layer one and pack down by pressing
4. pour marshmallows over
5. put dish in oven to melt marshmallows for about 10-15 minutes on 350
6. take out of oven and repeat step 2 over the melted marshmallows
7. add the prepared jello pudding as the 4th layer
8 add cool whip as last layer
9. top with marshmallows, left over crumbs, chocolate chips or chocolate syrup

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