Senior Birthday Party Game

The game "LEFT, CENTER, RIGHT" is great for all ages. Each person needs $3 to play. Costs under $10 at Walmart or Target. Player tosses 3 dice.
then passes his dollars to the person on his left or right, or to the center of the table according to what the dice indicate. Even if you lose your dollars, the person next to you might roll and have to pass his dollars to you...and you are in the game again! Lots of fun. When all the dollars have been sent to the center of the table....the winner will be the last person who held the last dollar....and that person wins the center pot! for all those who lose, well, you only lost $3 and you had lots of fun.

Good game for seniors since you sit at a table, throw dice and the rules are simple. No strategy, just the luck of your roll of the dice. Easy and fun. and not too long to play it. Game comes with plastic chips to use if you don't want to use your own dollars....but the dollars seems to make it more fun!

Lisa says: This game is always a hit! It is also available online as a printable game (read about this resource here.) Great idea to include this game in a list for seniors!

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