by Erica

To play Queens you set up two chairs and put a blanket over it to make it look like it is one big chair. Then you place pillows underneath. Have one person sit on each chair then call in guests one at a time tell them to sit in between the "queens" (on the blanket so they sit back and land on pillows) and so when they sit down to make them land on the pillows standup at the same time they sit down.

Lisa adds: This is actually a very old game. It is sometimes called "Kings and Queens", and in Australia was known as "Knighthood". Apparently, it was often played in English boarding schools in the early 1800's. The only place I've found it described was in an old book called "Golspie: contributions to its folklore" compiled by Edward Williams Byron Nicholson, which was published in 1897. Would love to hear about where you learned about this game! Of course the worrier in me doesn't want anyone to get hurt playing this game (which could easily happen physically if they fall the wrong way), so I must caution against playing this one, but I always find it fascinating reading about what people did in days of yesteryear. Thanks for the submission!

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