Prize in a Box

by Alllie L.
(Point Pleasant , NJ,)

For Prize in a Box, before hand:
Get a small prize
A bunch of boxes that fit inside each other
A Pair Of Dice
Hats, Mittens or gloves, and a scarf
2 Big Spoons

Before everyone gets there you have to put the prize in the smallest box and tape the box shut really good, then wrap the box and put that box in a larger box, tape it an wrap it and put it in a larger box and so on .....once you have your largest box you are done.

How to Play:
The group sits in a circle and someone holds the pair of dice ....The object is to get doubles. They roll the dice and if they don't get doubles then they pass the dice on ...if they get doubles then they have to put on the gloves, hat and scarf and take the two big spoons and try and unwrap the present and open the box using the two big spoons. (Before they put any of the stuff on they have to pass the dice to the next person.)They have to take all of the stuff off once someone else rolls doubles. Whoever gets the last box open gets to keep the prize.

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