Pop Star

by Ava

Put on your favorite song and dance, dress up and pretend you are a famous pop star singer! This game could really give you a laugh!

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by: Lisa

Thanks so much for your idea, and for sharing a photo of your favorite "pop stars!"

You can even make this a theme for your entire party.

Create a stage. An easy one that is elevated is to use a pallet like the kinds you can find at the hardware store or home improvement stores.

You can also use a porch, or any area that you designate as a stage.

Outline your stage with a cord of lights (these can be stepped on and won't break) or just tape off the area, put flowers around the edge of the stage, etc.

Create a "star dressing room" with lots of choices for costumes and costume changes. Include everything - gloves, hats, scarves, glasses, big necklaces, bags and props.

Makeup? Let mom put that on, unless performers are old enough to do it themselves.

Make sure you have plenty of battery life and storage space available for your camera! You'll want to capture this on film to save for the future for sure!

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