by Joyce

This is an alternative game to bunco that your group might want to play one month.

We have what looks like a bingo card only it is with pictures of playing cards. The caller has a deck of cards and calls the card. If she calls 4 of hearts and you have it on your card you cover it, when you have a "Pokeeno" (bingo) you win. Every lady brings a $5.00 gift in a bag. As each lady gets a turn as caller, the winner of each round gets to pick a bag, open to see what she has won. After all bags are taken and opened, we break for a drink and small snack that the hostess that month provides.

You normally have 12 players so each player gets a turn as a hostess, which means once a year.

After the break there is a hostess gift round. The hostess has a $10 gift (in addition to her $5 gift, again only hostess once a year).

Whomever wins that round the gift is hers to keep, no one can take that away.

Now the fun really starts. When there is a winner in each she gets to keep whatever she has won to that point but then she gets to steal a gift she wants from someone else, just like in a white elephant gift exchange. Bear in mind the next round may have someone stealing from you. We play from 7-9. At the end of the night what you have you take home. Some months you take home nothing, some months 3 or 4 or more things. It's a lot fun and a time where woman can get together with each other and meet new people.

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