Pin The hair On The Bieber

by Corrin
(US ,Hollywood, CA )

This game is extremly fun for haters of Justin Bieber.

Things you need:
- Justin Bieber poster (without hair)
- Justin Bieber's hair for each player

This game is just like pin the tail on the donkey
but with Justin Bieber so the closest is the winner and gets a prize (optional)

Lisa says:

Love it! This is such a great game because you can adapt it to anything, even Justin Bieber! Whether you love Justin or hate him, he does have that signature hair, doesn't he? You mentioned an optional prize. For sure make it something Bieber related! You can find things for under a dollar to a full cardboard cutout of him! Or...perhaps the poster used in the game could be the prize....
Thanks for sharing!!

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by: Anonymous Hater

How do you play pin the tail on the donkey? Just dump his hair on the poster?

Lisa says:

Pin the Tail on the Donkey is an old game that has been around forever, and there are some variations, but here is a "basic" way to play:

1) Hang up a poster of the donkey - but the donkey won't have a tail.

2) Have several "tails" made out of paper - one for each player.

3) Blindfold player #1, hand them a "tail" (there should be tape on the tail), spin the player around 3 times, and then stand them in front of the poster.

4) Player #1 puts the tail on the poster. Afterwards they can remove the blindfold to see where the placed it, and it is the next person's turn.

5) The player who gets their tail closest to where it should be is the winner.

To play this game - have a picture of Justin Beiber, and then cut out "hair" from paper, or photocopy the hair from the poster and cut it out (enough so each person has their own "hair".) The player who gets the hair closets to Justin's head wins!

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