Night Under the Stars Party Ideas

by Sierra

You can hang plastic stars from a doorway by tying strong, thin yarn or thread around them and hanging them. You can also hang star garland for another cute decoration.

You can buy plain pizza bases from the store. These are pre-baked and could be cut into star shapes. It is also very easy to find star shaped sprinkles, which can serve as a decoration for plain frosted cupcakes or cookies! For something on the healthier side, you can cut up star fruit. If you have a star shaped ice cube tray, you could make ice cubes to put in night sky colored drinks, like grape soda.

For fun games, you could have a star counting contest. Stick a bunch of plastic stars in a jar and have everyone try to see how many are in there! For a more mature game, take a bunch of star themed items and place them on a tray. Let everyone look at it for thirty seconds, then have everyone write down as many things as they can remember that were on the tray. The person who remembers the most could get a starry prize.

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by: Lisa

Thanks Sierra - I'm so happy you've added these great ideas to the list. They are all easy to do, but can add something special to the event!

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