New Year's Resolution Party

by Karin

Host a New Year's Party with a Resolution Theme. With the invitation include slips for each guest to write one resolution (no names). Place a bowl or box for each guest to drop in the slips as they arrive. Later during the party have each guest select on slip and read it. Guests can try to guess whose resolution it is.

You never know what will come up - often someone will have a resolution that a friend/acquaintance could help with. Dieters could support each other, smokers could help each other quit, etc.

Write a "contract" on a large poster board and have guests "sign" with their resolutions. Hang it up at next year's New Year's Eve party to see who kept which resolutions.

For food, include things that most people try to give up in the New Year: a "Last Chance Candy Bar" or a "Fried Food Buffet." Loosing weight is a common resolution so any food that generally falls into the high fat/calorie category would work. After midnight switch to healthier snacks, vegetables, fruit, and other low fat options.

For party favors:
Saving money is a common resolution - include small piggy banks, found at most dollar stores.

A small date book/calendar - another common resolution is to spend more time with family and friends. Set up dates for the coming months while you have people gathered. This will also help with any "buddy resolutions" you have helped encourage.

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