New Years Eve

For New Years Eve, I and my family always invite people round to have some fun icebreaker games, food and be ready for the strike of 12 to go home!

We usually start the evening with our icebreaker games e.g. Charades.

We then have a buffet of food, not too much by this time they would have had tea. We serve everybody drinks and make them comfortable. It is good to use icebreaker games at parties because it gets both children and grown ups involved.

After having some more fun icebreaker games, we may play a DVD game. We let the kids go and watch a film by themselves while the adults chat until about 11:30. Ar 11:30 everyone prepares for the 12 o'clock triumphant ring. A family memeber sometimes plays an instrument and the children delight us with their talents. At midnight a family memeber usually plays auld Lang syne and we sing along, then we drink shloer or wine and wish each other a happy New year before departing to our homes.

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