Mother May I

by Destiny
(West Palm, FL, USA)

Well, my friend and I were bored. I wanted to play house and she wanted to play red light green light. So her dad got tired of listening to us argue so he said "Heres a game with both your games in the it -Mother May I"!!!!!!!

That is how I learned the game. Here is how you play:

Choose a mother and then everyone else goes to the end of your drive way. Ask the mother if you could take a certain number of baby steps/giant steps/bunny hops (or if they want tell them to win tell them to ask if they could walk all the way to the mother) towards mother. The last thing you have to do is tell the mother of the game she can tell you yes or no only in the game or she can say start over, come here, or take a number of steps back. When you get to the mother the game is over.

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