Mardi Gras Ball - Baby Shower

by MT

We are having a couples baby shower with a Mardi Gras Ball theme. We are decorating the entire inside and outside of the house as if you were at a Mardi Gras Ball with garland, streamers, lights, balloons and Masks! All in the traditional Purple, Green and Gold. On the table we are using the shower invitations, doubloons, beads and moon pies as part of our decorations. The King Cake will serve as our centerpiece and whoever finds the baby will win a door prize... Dress will be casual since we want this to be a party atmosphere and not so formal. We live in Mobile (where Mardi Gras was invented) and most of us attend balls on a regular basis so we want this to be more casual! All guests were requested to wear their favorite beads on the shower invitation but they will also be given some upon entering the party. Just like a Mardi Gras Ball, the party will have a theme - "Stars fell on Alabama" (a Jimmy Buffet song). We have painted a large piece of plywood to coordinate with the theme and will take Polaroids of each couple standing in front of it to give them as a gift as they leave the house! (You always get your picture taken at the balls in front of the theme for that year.)

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