Longest Line

by Rhiva Mae Y.
(Oroquieta City)

FIRST...you must divide the players into two or three...it would be easier if it's just two...

SECOND...your gonna need someone to check on both teams, or what we call a GUIDE.

THIRD..the guide will then give a signal on when to start. The players are gonna take off whatever is attached to their body...they may take off anything they want if necessary...and then make it a line like this------------------attaching/connecting it so that you may have a long line. You can even lay down on the ground connecting or attaching yourself to the things you made a line...to make it longer.


(whatever they would like to take off except what inside the shirt and pants to keep your dignity)

Fourth, when the players have nothing left to attach the guide would signal an OFF to the game and he/she would announce who has the longest line...

(the group with the longest line...WINS!)

Lisa says: The Longest Line sounds like a really great teen party game. Thanks so much for sharing!

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