Last Day of School Birthday Party (Ages 10 and Under)

by Julie
(New York)

This birthday party is geared towards the ten and under crowd whose birthdays fall in the months of July and August (summer birthday) and can't have a regular birthday party with their friends because the friends go to camp or on vacation.

We always used the Saturday afternoon after the last day of school (usually a Friday) to have awesome outdoor birthday parties for our son.

We always invited the whole class and encouraged everyone to bring swimsuits, towels and outdoor games to play. (They ran through a couple of sprinklers we set up as well as a slide dripping with water.)

We set up a drumset on the lawn as well as two electric organs so the kids could play their own music.

We made hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill; got lots of iced tea and lemonade and nachos and potato chips. For the kids who were leaning towards being vegetarian, we made wraps with lettuce, salsa and shredded cheese. The wraps were actually more popular than the burgers and dogs especially with the girls!

We did cupcakes for the entire class and stacked them up so they looked like one giant cake.

It was a fun day for the kids to spend one last day together before all going off for the summer and our son always liked his birthday parties that were "early."

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