Kid Party Games

by Carol H.

My son and his friends when they were 11 had some favorite kid party games. They just loved to play a pictionary game with playdough...

You need two or more teams. 1 pot of playdough per team.

Cards with the name of objects (simple, like fork, spoon, pencil, plate... or more fun like bra, flip flop, weetabix, etc).

One member of each team has to take a card and model the object that is on the card with the playdough.

His team members have to guess what the object is.
The first team to guess right wins.

Then another member of the team picks a card and models.

The game can be simpler if you let the kids mime with the object they have modeled.

This game is practical because it keeps the kids sitting at the table, and you just need to be a judge in case of cheating...

A good game to play after eating.

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