Kick the Can

by Jess

You need at leat 6 players and a can or bottle(not glass) full of sand or rocks.

All you do is have someone be it. They sit or stand by the can/bottle and count to 30 with their eyes covered.

Then as the person who is it is counting the rest of the players hide somewhere.

Once the person is done counting they have to be at least 4 feet from the can/bottle looking for people.

The goal is for the other players to not get caught and to run up and kick the can without being tagged.

If you are found or tagged before you kick the can, you sit out the rest of the game.

Then whoever wins can count or pick someone to count. It is better if you play it outside. It is so much fun and it can go on for hours.

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by: Anonymous

My Friends and I play this with 15 people! This game is amazing! I suggest you to try it!:)

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