Jungle Party

by Rose
(Cumming GA)

Welcome to the Jungle! A party for kids, multiples in my case I have the challenge of coming up with party themes that will work for boys and girls, as I have triplets, two boys and a girl. So last year I came up with Welcome to The Jungle. It was so much fun to put together that I just had to share. To begin with I rented a jump house, you really can not go wrong with jump houses for young children. I made sure that it was jungle themed. Our invitations were very fun, I had their faces placed in a lions head, tiger head and zebra head. They were printed photo invites. I then attached them to a box of animal crackers with a jungle ribbon. (everyone loved this) Party favors included pith hats, binoculars and various little people zoo animals. Games, what party is complete without a game or two. I hid the animals through out the yard and we went on a safari, the children got to keep all the animals they found. Food was fun and easy, I had a different animal shape cake for each of my children, animal crackers, gold fish and pretzels. I kept it simple. For drink I had jungle juice, (green punch labeled jungle juice) Decorations included a banner that had jungle animals all over it, with Happy Birthday and my kids names. I had vines and grasses hanging throughout the garage (it rained the day of the party)and leaves scattered all over the garage floor. I blew up blue balloons for the ceiling to represent the sky. Needless to say everyone had a blast. I also had 3-D monkeys that were taped up to the walls, and I drew out trees on cardboard and taped them up as well.

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