How to Play Bunco

Do you need to know how to play bunco with an odd number of players?

Our monthly game is a rather loose affair. We have a list of people who want to play, and we send out an email announcing when and where. We ask for an RSVP so the hostess will know how many to expect. We usually end up with an odd number of players.

If you have multiples of four players – no problem. You can play this game with only 8 players by eliminating the middle table.

But what if you have 7 players, or 10 players?

It is actually pretty easy to master how to play bunco with and odd number of players. This is what we do…we each take turns sitting out a round. If we have 10 players, then we play 10 rounds. If each person sits out 1 round, then we’ve all played 9 rounds.

If some people sit out more rounds than others, recognize winners based on percentages. For example, Lucy has won 68% of the games she played, and Suzy has won 72% of the games she played, so Suzy is the ultimate winner!

If we are only missing one player, then we play with a ghost.

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