Hollywood Movie New Years Eve Theme Party!

by Jessica
(Mansfield OH USA)

Before we had kids, my husband and I would have a theme party every year for New Years Eve. Each year the party would have a different theme and the food, decorations and dress would reflect that. It usually was a costume type party. The last one we had was the best. It was a movie theme.

Everyone invited dressed like a character from their favorite movie and had to "play the part" as best they could throughout the night. At midnight we all turned back into ourselves and broke out the champagne.

For decorations we used old fashioned movie reels and film, cameras and lights for different "sets" throughout the house, as well as the traditional sparkly stars and things common with New Years. We knew ahead of time what character or movie our guests were "becoming" and centered the "sets" and food and drinks around that movie. The stairs became Scarlett O'Hara's set and so forth.

The invitation followed the same lines as the decorations.

We also had some "Hollywood big time movie producers" in attendance for those who didn't have a movie to choose from.

Trivia games were played about each movie and of course we had to guess who was what character from what movie, and had a best costume and best acting contest.

This is not exactly an easy party. It takes a lot of planning (we started the year before) but it was so much fun it was worth it. I am sure there are ways to make it easier and less extravagant (and expensive). We have blown bubbles and dropped balloons from the ceiling instead of using confetti.

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