Heroes and Villians Party

by Caeleigh

This theme takes a twist on the traditional 'Heroes and Villains' party by focusing on the bad guys. It can be really specific and focus on Disney Villains for instance, or let guests decide what sort of baddie they want to be such as a person in jail or an outlaw; it can even include historical figures such as Caesar!

Invites can be Wanted posters or something similar, and music can be fitting to the theme, such as Superstitious by Stevie Wonder. Decorations can include silhouettes of iconic villains, spider webs and, for just a little bit of flare, you could leave some subtle objects lying around - Cinderella's slipper or a basket of apples perhaps?

By googling 'villain party food ideas' you can find heaps of cool ideas!

From what I found, food ideas could include:
*Poison Apples (Snow White) - Apple slices dipped in toffee/caramel
*Witches Brew - anything drink desired (best served in a cauldron with dry ice for extra effect)
*Cruela's Dalmatian cookies - chocolate chip cookies
*Kryptonite Juice (Superman) - a green drink or glowing green cups
*Joker Juice - blueberry or apple smoothies (served in green or purple cups)
*Green Goblin Salad
*Traditional spiders (lemonade, flavored syrup and ice cream) served with decorations of spiders
*"Two-face Jelly" - red and yellow jelly next to each other

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