Head Table Rules

by Jan
(St. Louis)

Question: At the head table, one team got to 21 and called it, but the other team had 25 and was too busy talking and got distracted. Who is the winner?

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Question at head table
by: Robin R. Mesa, AZ

At the head table, if a team fails to announce that they are at 21 and the other team reaches 21 and announces it, who is the actual winner?

Worded another way (just in case): Team A reaches 21 but fails to announce it (because they’re too busy talking) and Team B gets a BUNCO to put them over 21, does Team A or Team B win the round?

Who wins?
by: Lisa

The question of who wins would really be up to your bunco group, but all of my groups have played it that whichever team gets to 21 first wins (even if the team didn't declare it at the time that it happened.) I think we have always done it that way because with bunco it is so easy to get distracted and lose count of your tally marks!

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