Guy's Valentine's Day Gift

My guy is always getting lost and like the jokes, won't ask directions. Since most guys like gadgets, especially techkie ones, I am getting him a Garmin, if I can afford it, or a Tom Tom if I can't. I will also benefit from this thoughtful gift since we won't be late to movies or parties any more. I think he will like it, although he has resisted the suggestion before, usually in the midst of a shouting match when we are hopelessly lost. So, I'll take advantage of Valentine's Day and present it as a loving gift to ease his life. And, if he rudely rejects it, I will have a neat machine in MY car to use whenever I need to. I'd call that a win-win deal, at least for me! Not romantic, you say? Let me tell you, being lost on a dark rural road miles from any place (as far as one knows), is very NOT romantic either!

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