Guess the Song

One party game my friends and I like to play is guess the song. We play it with mp3 players or Ipods or whatever we have. Almost everyone has an mp3 player in this day of age!

The host starts by playing a song on her play list. The girl that knows the song first then gets to pick one from hers. This game can go on and on for hours.

This game isn't just for a party, but can be played anywhere you are hanging out and everyone has a music source such as a phone, ipod, mp3.

It is a lot of fun to see who knows the most songs.

And sometimes you'd be really surprised at what songs might be on each other's play lists!

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Guess the Song
by: Bella

This is how we do it:

Have one person to hum or clap a song. The others will try and guess it, whoever guesses it gets to go next.

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