by Sarai
(Loveland, CO, USA)

You can play this fun game of Grog with as many people as you want but it's more fun if you play with at least five. The location you are in must be almost pitch black except for a few very dim lights so you don't run into a wall or something. You have a flashlight that you take apart. A seperate person that is not playing the game hides the seperate pieces in more or less obvious places. No one but this person can know where the pieces are hidden. One person then becomes the Grog. The Grog is an animal that lives in dark forests and dies when light is on him. Everybody gets in a room or out of sight of the game perimeters while the Grog hides. Then the rest of the group goes into the game perimeters. They search the area trying to find the hidden pieces of the flashlight. The trick is that if the Grog tags you, you are frozen until one of the other players tags you then you're free. The game goes on until all the pieces of the flashlight are found, put together, and the light is shined on the Grog and you win! Or the Grog tags evorybody and wins the game. There is no tapping allowed in the game in order to stay untagged, nor is there any whistling, stomping or any other actions or sounds that would indicate that the Grog is comming.

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