Fun Party Games

by Desirae D.
(Middle Town NY)

We have a few fun party games here, here they are:

Capture the flag: first you get into teams. A red and a blue team. Then you are supposed to make a flag (you can just take 2 sticks and red and blue construction paper and glue the papers on the stick.) Then you and ur team make up a plan of where you are gonna hide it and then on go. The two teams hide their flags. Then they meet back at a certain point. Then you say go again and try to find the other teams flag. Who ever finds the other team's flag first wins.

Man Hunt: first you have two teams. Then one team hides first and the other ones count (make sure its dark outside). Then you count to 20, then you have to find them and once you find them if they run away you have to get them and put them in jail (fake jail).

Freeze dance: first you need a radio and a group of people (4 or more). Then one person is in charge of the radio, then the person will play the radio. Then everybody dances. When the music stops you have to freeze. If you move ur out until it comes down to the last person, then they win.

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