Food Ideas for Slumber Party

by Lois
(Warrior, AL USA)

For food ideas for a Slumber Party for 6 year olds or older, I have found it is better to let the kids prepare their own food. I purchased pizza dough (purchase extra in the event of a floor landing) and had them prepare it. Throw it up in the air and spead out. I encouraged them to toss more toward the center of table so we had no accidents. After spreading out, they then added their favorite toppings. Also, for dessert....we had vanilla ice cream and they crumbled oreo's on top and added gummy worms to give it a mud pie touch (container makes a difference in appearance...we decorated the container to look like clay pots but they were actually painted tiny bowls). They loved it. For breakfast I made homemade pancakes and they cut them out with their favorite cookie cutters and added their favorite topping (strawberries, peaches or whatever is in season). We only had 8 girls but it was a blast.

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