Field Day Party

by Christine

Sports Cake

Sports Cake

For our field day party cake, we did a simple #10 on a green background (the birthday boy was turning 10).

Invites: Used evite ...hate to say it...but I love evite (even though you don't get the whole scrapbooking's a great way to get official RSVPs returned!

Location: Velocity Sports Performance Center

Activities: Boys did an obstacle course, relay races, soccer game, and played some basketball (they have lots of choices of activities...and you get 1-2 trainers to run the activities). Totally stress free for parents! I did nothing but watch, take pictures, set up the cake, etc.

Only caveat - it was expensive! Velocity is not cheap...probably the most expensive party I've ever thrown. But...the boys had a blast and are still talking about it!

Party Favors: Candy (since what else do you give 10 year olds...)

Alternative suggestions: Rent a pavilion at a local park (for the tables), make obstacle course & relay races...Heck...hire a school gym teacher! It would have been way would have been a lot more work!

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