Fathers Day

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At our house, we often go out to eat at Dad's favorite restaurant. Sometimes we have a cookout, and sometimes we make all of Dad's favorite foods for him to enjoy.

How do you celebrate Fathers Day?

If you have a crowd over to celebrate Dad, consider playing printable games from PrintGamesNow.com

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Great Fathers Day Gift Ideas

For the Sports Fan

Tickets to a sporting event (for you and your Dad) could be fun, making time to be together.

For the Golfer

Is your father a golfer you say? Then how about a golf date - your treat!

Photo Mugs

At our house we've given Dad the same gift every year. It started the year our first child was a baby. We put Baby's picture on a mug, and then did it again the year after that, and then again the year after that, and when Baby #2 came along, dad started getting two mugs every year!

The father in our house loves it, and he now has quite a collection. Instead of picture frames on the shelf, he has mugs of each year of the kid's lives. (As a matter of fact, he now picks out the photos personally each year to put on his mugs.)

No matter what you do for your fathers special day, remember that your Dad just wants to be remembered, by YOU! :-)

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